All of our soaps contain the finest essential oils to give each bar a wonderful scent and aromatherapy properties. Examples of these oils include lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and lemon, among others.    
Visit the detailed descriptions of each bar in our shop for a comprehensive list of essential oils we use and their benefits.  

It all started in the summer of 2011. My oldest son Caleb and I went on a mission trip to an impoverished barrio nestled beneath the Andes Mountains in the heart of South America.  

That experience broke us. 


Shelter was nothing more than small shanties with bare packed-earth floors; walls of wood pallets, corrugated tin, or whatever material was to be found. For water, the slum area had one well; one small well for many people to drink from, bathe in and wash clothes in. Lice and mange were running rampant.  To the right are some pictures we took of the children in this slum area.  

In North America, for most people, it's not terribly challenging to procure a bar of soap somewhere. In the slums, it's simply not readily available, and if it was, it would not be affordable. I watched a construction worker labor from sun up to sun down, working for a monthly paycheck of $100.00, in an economy where a bar of soap costs as much as it does in the States. 

Since traveling to Colombia and meeting these beautiful people, my heart has been pierced with their plight. First and foremost, it is my fervent desire for lávame clean to help in every way possible in the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Colombia and abroad. He is our only true hope and salvation, and through Him comes a complete cleansing of the heart and soul. Psalm 51:7 says, "Wash me and I will be whiter than snow." 

Another way we want to help those in need is by providing all-natural soap with beneficial ingredients to aid in their protection and cleanliness. You can have all the clean water to wash with, but without the soap, the germs are still there.  The soap is essential to fighting disease. So, for every bar of soap you purchase from lávame clean , we will donate one bar to impoverished areas locally and globally. To learn more, visit our soap box page.  

 lávame clean is a family owned and operated business. At designated times, we will make and ship deliveries of our soap to this slum area, local homeless camps, and other impoverished people on your behalf. As our business grows, the opportunities to help will grow with the success.  

Visit lávame clean's facebook page for these scheduled deliveries.

"Láva me" means "Wash Me" in Spanish. In purchasing our soaps, you will help meet the essential need of cleanliness for these cherished lives.  

This is our promise. It is our passion. 

Along with the essential oils, our soaps are made with only all-natural ingredients including freshly ground oats, cocoa powder, honey and more.  Every bar of soap is prepared by hand by our family of five and gently carved into an approximate four and a half ounce block of natural flaws and imperfections.  The beauty of nature and her textures is displayed in each individually unique bar.
Nothing in this soap is outside of nature. Guaranteed.
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